Hours and Coverage

We deliver Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 6:00PM.

We deliver in parts of Condado. You can see our coverage map here.

Sorry we do not provide service to hotels or hospitals. We only deliver to residential buildings in Condado and part of Calle Loíza.

Fees and Payment

The delivery cost is $5 + 2.5% transaction fee.

The delivery fee is not a tip. Tipping is optional but very much appreciated. You will receive the best possible service regardless of your tipping preferences.

We currently accept:
  • cash payments (sorry no $100 bills)
  • ATH Movil
  • People Pay App from Oriental Bank
  • Service

    Think of Bici Resuelve as your on-demand food delivery concierge at the touch of your phone. Hungry? Just text us and we'll deliver!

    We delivery from over 30 of the best restaurants in Condado. You can check our full restaurant list and their menus here.

    Browse our restaurant selection and pick what do you want to eat. Text us your order to 787-671-7410 and we'll deliver the items to your door. It's as simple as that.

    Your order must include:
    • from which restaurant you wish to order
    • what items you want
    • to which address you want us to deliver
    You will be updated via text messages throughout the whole delivery process:
    1. upon receiving the order
    2. once the order has been placed with the restaurant. Including the order total and estimated time.
    3. once the delivery is on it's way to you
    4. once we are at the entrance

    We only take order via text messages to 787-671-7410. It's fast, it's easy, and you will never get a busy signal.

    Indeed you can. You can order items from different restaurants and have them delivered at the same time. The delivery cost is $5 per each restaurant you order from.

    It depends on the type of items you order and how the restaurant packages them. We can deliver over 20 burgers/sandwiches on a single trip if they are packaged appropriately. We can transport up to 8 regular sized clam-shell packages and up to 3 large pies or 5 medium pies per order.

    If we believe your order is too large for us, we'll notify you. We won't take orders if we can't deliver them properly.

    We usually are able to complete deliveries between 30-60 minutes. It varies depending on the size of the order, the restaurant own's order queue, food preparation time, distance of the restaurant from your location, demand and traffic.

    Once we place the order with the restaurant we'll notify you of the estimated time provided by the restaurant and throughout the order you will receive regular text updates on the progress of your order.

    We have no control over the food preparation, so we rely on the restaurant's time frames. We try to weed out restaurants that fail to meet their agreed upon pickup times, but sometimes restaurants do face unforeseen events.

    You can help us by making sure you keep your cell phone close to you with the ringer volume up. We also appreciate it if you can please have the cash at hand once we deliver your food.

    In order to speed up deliveries, we'll only deliver up to the point we are allowed unobstructed access. If you live in a place with access restrictions you must meet our couriers at the front gate.

    Restaurant and Menus

    We only deliver from pre-approved restaurants. We carefully select the restaurants from which we deliver based on their location and the efficiency of their takeout process.

    Information shown may not reflect recent changes. Check directly with the restaurant for current pricing and availability of menu items. If you find any errors or feel anything should be update, please contact us

    Since our deliveries are made on bicycles, we are unable to transport soups, coffee, fountain drinks, frappes, milkshakes or any liquids that are susceptible to spillage.